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Warning! Windows 10 Anniversary Update will cause problems with photo booth software/hardware.

Recently Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 Update Anniversary Update.

NOTE! If you are running Photo Booth business and using a Webcamera in your Photo Booth DO NOT INSTALL THE WINDOWS 10 ANNIVERSARY UPDATE.

You may put your Photo Booth business at risk!

What is the problem?

In Windows 10 Anniversary Update the popular MJPEG and H.264 encoding processes are not functioning as you would expect. Because they are being replaced with the NV12 and YUY2 formats which are not as popular as MJPEG and H.264, at least not just yet.
Usually such change does not really affect the average user but if you are running the software or device that is utilizing the MJPEG and H.264 encoding processes it poses a huge problem.

How this may affect you?

If you have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update you may experience major malfunction of your USB Webcamera functionality. It may freeze the webcamera completely or the webcamera video feed will be corrupted.

If your photo booth is using a Webcamera to take photos or record video it is 99% chance that it will not be working properly. That means that your photo booth software and/or webcamera simply will stop working and/or will produce countless errors.  

What to do?

Do not install Windows 10 Anniversary Update. 
In fact, disable Windows 10 Automatic Update completely so you will not be forced to install windows updates.

If Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been already installed you have only 10 days to roll it back until it becomes permanent. 

Any hope Microsoft will fix this?

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has already affected a lot of customers. Microsoft folks said that they are working on the solution to fix the issue but there is no specific timeline when it will be done.

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