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How To Build A Photo Booth: Part 5 - Photobooth Monitor

Welcome to the series of articles "How To BuildA Photo Booth" written by the staff at Photo Booth Experts.  

These articles were not written in order to sell our products but rather they were written to give ideas and useful information to those looking to become more informed of certain details when building a photo booth yourself.

PLEASE NOTE! What you about to read is only our opinion (based on our own experience) of what we feel is the best approach towards building and designing a photo booth for party rentals.  Remember that the choice of structure design, components and software is ultimately up to you.

To build the photo booth You need the following components:
Photobooth Computer

Photo Booth Software

Photobooth Camera

Photo Booth Printer

Photobooth Monitor

Photobooth Lighting

Photo Booth Enclosure

Photobooth Lighting

Photo Booth Accessories
Photo Booth Monitor

So the question is what monitor is best for use in the photo booth?

Important criteria for photo booth monitor
       Photo Booth monitor size
    Photo booth monitor touch screen capability
    Photo booth monitor durability

When choosing the monitor for photo booth you have to decide if your photo booth will have an arcade style button (a device to start the photo booth action) or will your photo booth be operated by a touch screen monitor.

We completely prefer and recommend touch screen monitor as opposed to regular monitor with an arcade style button and here is why.
Why Touch screen monitor

In our early photo booth designs we were using an arcade-grade button.  During the first event we were providing service for the button was broken by an intoxicated person.  After that incident it became obvious that having this push button device sticking out was not practical.  In addition this button made transporting the photo booth a headache, it took up an extra USB port and in cases where the button failed the photo booth became useless. 

Touch screen is the perfect solution for operating the photo booth. Even if you are a big fan of Arcade-grade buttons it is still a wise choice to have touch screen monitor just in case your button fails.   Again, as we always say, the choice is yours.

Photo Booth Monitor Size

If you are planning to use touch screen monitor you need to make a decision about the size of the monitor. A 15"-17" is probably the most optimal monitor size for the photo booth. We are currently using 17" ELO touch screen monitors. 

Photo Booth Monitor Durability

An important factor when buying a touch screen monitor is going to be its durability.  When at an actual event you must consider the fact that people will be having fun and won’t give two flips about your equipment.  You will witness several times throughout the event people literally banging on the monitor.  So make sure the monitor you purchase have at least some anti-vandal protection. 

Monitors with anti-vandal protection are the kind of touch screen monitors that are built by the companies who are the suppliers for ATM, POS, and other types of kiosks. 

You may be thinking at this point that an all-in-one touch screen computer would be the way to go. If you have not please go back and read our article on Choosing the right computer for the photobooth.  All -in -One computers with the Touch screen monitors are not designed to withstand constant touching and pushing. Even though All -in -One computers will absolutely work for the photo booth they are no match for commercial grade touch screen monitors.

Why we choose ELO Touch screen monitor

In fairness we have not used any other touch screen monitors but ELO so we cannot compare with other manufacturers.  

The deciding factors that led us to use the ELO touch screen monitor had to do with its bare bone open frame option.  This gave us a lot of room to play with when we built our photo booth enclosure because  the open frame provided the flexibility when it came to monitor mounting options. 

The ELO touch screen monitors are commercial grade monitors that have been designed to withstand a great deal of abuse. The fact that ELO has been in the touch screen monitor business for a long time and has an outstanding reputation made the choice even easier.

Where should you buy a Photo Booth monitor?

Again, just search online for the best price on the Touch screen monitor of your choice.
Pricing will depend on the size of the Touch screen monitor.   For new monitors expect the cost to be between $350-$750.
We hope this article will help you to make sound decisions when it comes to buying and using your monitor for your Photo Booth. 

This article has been written by the staff at Photo Booth Experts

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