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How To Build A Photo Booth: Part 10 - Video Booth (Photo-Video Booth)

Welcome to the series of articles "How To Build A Photo Booth" written by the staff at Photo BoothExperts.  

These articles were not written in order to sell our products but rather they were written to give ideas and useful information to those looking to become more informed of certain details when building a photo booth yourself.

PLEASE NOTE! What you about to read is only our opinion (based on our own experience) of what we feel is the best approach towards building and designing a photo booth for party rentals.  Remember that the choice of structure design, components and software is ultimately up to you.

Video Booth (Photo-Video Booth)

HOW IT WORKS: Video Booths are usually associated with individual video message recording when people can leave a message recorded on video. 

HOW TO BUILD: Basically you can convert your existing photo booth into video booth or you can build a Video Booth as you would build the photo booth. 

When building a Video booth you will need the following:

   1. Video camera (a Webcamera will work perfectly)

   2. Microphone (for individual video message recording)

   3. Computer with enough power to handle the video recording and video files (read our article about choosing the right computer)

   4. Photo/Video Booth Software that will be able to record video.

   5. Video Booth Enclosure (kiosk/tower/enclosed space)

Basically the difference between the Photo Booth and Video Booth is the end result (photos or videos).  


When you combine the Photo and Video Booth you will be able to deliver both products and better yet you can offer even more than photos and video messages.

In this article we will introduce you to the PTBooth A1 PRO custom photo booth software. 

With the PTBooth A1 PRO photo booth software you will have the ability to do individual video message recording (look at the sample video above) as well as recorded videos during the actual photo session.  We call these "photo booth bloopers".

These photo booth bloopers capture funny moments that happen while the photo sessions are happening.  You'll see and hear all the laughter, crazy sounds and hysterics that take place while the photos are being taken.

Want to see what we are talking about? See a sample here.

The PTBooth A1 PRO has 3 operational modes:


    Photo Booth only – takes and prints photos, records video during photo sessions.


    Video Booth only – records Individual video messages


    Choice Photo or Video Booth - takes and prints photos, records video during photo sessions and records Individual video messages

Take a look at the video below to see all options in action.

Other features of the PTBooth A1 PRO

·   Photo Transfer to Smartphone (no internet required!)      
    Saves all photos in one folder which allows using third party social media upload software.
        Let your Customers choose how many copies to print (optional)

·         Options to save / copy of print as PDF or JPEG.

·         Customizable Skins allowing you to change the appearance of the software.

·         External monitor display. You can display live feed of the photo booth activity or just one image.

·         Use of Canon camera and/or Webcamera.

·         Control of the number of photos taken per session.

·         Exclusive print templates creator.

·         23 default pre-designed templates.

And much more…


We hope this article will help you to make sound decisions when it comes to building your Video Booth.

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